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Awsome shoe cleaner
Awsome shoe cleaner
Awsome shoe cleaner
Awsome shoe cleaner

Awsome shoe cleaner

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About the product : Awsome shoe cleaner REMOVE scuffs, marks, dirt and more to make your shoes look brand new. To ensure that your shoes are spotless, we developed a specific formula of powerful ingredients that only requires a small amount to get the job done.

One bottle of our all natural solution will be enough to clean your entire shoe collection. Our water based solution can clean most other fabrics. canvas, vinyl, knit, mesh, cotton, plastic, nylon, rubber and more. Whether you need to clean your favorite all white tennis shoes, basketball sneakers, work boots, hiking shoes, sandals, or dress shoes. Our shoe cleaner concentrate is great on any washable material type so the possibilities are endless.

Directions for use- Simply add 50 ml shoe cleaner concentrate in 300ml water Dip cloth washing brush, tooth brush or micro soft cloth in ready solution and rub on shoes Wipe shoes with clean and dry cloth Shoes look brand new


Use only Soft Material cloth/towel for wiping to avoid scratches.
Keep out of children.
Avoid eye and prolonged skin contact

Quantity:- 250ml

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Once stains and yellowing appear on your shoes, it will make them look old, ugly and dirty. Our "Shoe Whitening Cleaner" is a high-quality product that removes dirt and yellowing or yellowing from your shoes, and effectively maintains the bright white effect!



White restoration by chemical reaction!Unlike other products, our Bleaching Cleaner removes yellow dirt through a chemical reaction, essentially restoring your true color. It is safe to use for both you and any type of shoes. Composed with a mild formula, it does not damage the material and surface of the shoes, which is safe and harmless.


Just apply to the surface and you're done. which is easy to operate and can spread evenly without getting your hands dirty.

It can be used to remove yellowing, per cuddling and dirt from all kinds of shoes, such as casual tennis shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, boots, etc.



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